Tumbler Markers


Pack Size : 6 pcs/pk

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Our Ninja Drink Marker Set, is a vibrant collection of 6 assorted color suction cup charms crafted from food-grade silicone. Suction cup can be applied to a variety of drinkware, from tumblers to stemless glassware, adding a fun element while avoiding drink mix ups.

Ideal for any group setting, these colorful and unique drink markers are perfect for keeping track of drinks at casual gatherings or parties. Simply suction them to the outside of your  wine glass with ease, adding a fun and colorful element while avoiding drink mix-ups. Lightweight and easy to use, they make for a delightful and practical gift.

Suitable for any occasion where drinks are served, these drink charms enhance the party experience. For optimal care, we recommend hand washing and thorough drying before storage. Please note, these markers are not recommended for children under 5 years of age. Elevate your gatherings with this playful and useful addition to your drinkware collection.

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