Get Your Store Thanksgiving Ready with Our Tips on How to Set Up a Thanksgiving Display!

Creating a fun and festive atmosphere with a Thanksgiving display can make all the difference in attracting shoppers to your small kitchen specialty store. Your customer will also love having all the essentials they need within arms reach!


Here are some of our tips for creating a great center display and the products we recommend to make sure your customers are well-stocked.

Create different visual levels to better catch the eye

Use creative objects like crates to lift product to different levels


Creating different levels on your display table allows for the eye to travel smoothly and see the product better. Crates, milk cartons, or even plastic stands help with this effect, depending on the mood you want to convey. Get creative when you're creating depth on your table! Even stacking up products on top of each other can work in a pinch.

For a classic holiday like Thanksgiving, take advantage of the rustic look of wooden crates. You can find these at your local craft store or even get them from wineries and dairy farms for very inexpensive.



Now that you've created your layers of levels, you can start strategically placing product. Make sure to have your bigger items in an easy to reach spot. If there's packaging on a product that you feel really matches your table's theme, try to use that as a focal point. Our Hercules Roasting Pan has two pretty crisp-skinned birds on the front, so we're definitely focusing on that bad boy for our display table.


Use Existing Products to help organize smaller items


Tool crocks, turntables, fruit baskets, and large mixing bowls are all products you have in stock that you can use to organize and decorate. The great part about using product you already have on hand? You're not paying any extra money for decor and your customers get to see the product in action. Customers are more likely to buy product when they can see it in use, because now they can see that product as part of their story. They're definitely imagining how good it would look on their kitchen counter!


Smaller Boxes and Crates can help you organize your table


Got some unwieldy small items that won't stay in place on their own? Use smaller boxes and crates to keep your products organized, as well as continue the theme of your table. We placed our Butcher's String with a few of our Twine holders into a small wooden crate to keep them in place and looking cute.


Keep similar product categories grouped together

Food prep? Baking? Prep bowls? Turkey cooking products? On your Thanksgiving display, try to keep the same categories of products grouped together for a more cohesive flow. If someone is looking for butcher's string, they're more likely to grab a dispenser if it's close by. Add-on items, especially smaller ones, can be great accompaniments on a display table to larger products.



Make sure your products can run compatibly with each other so there's no risk of over-saturation when it comes to choices as well. Too many of one specific type of product (like 5 different kinds of garlic presses) can be overwhelming. Stick to your most popular basics and complementary product essentials.


Label your smaller products with seasonal signs

When it comes to utensils, sometimes you pick one up and ask, "What the heck is this?" Smaller businesses rely on great customer service and a wonderful experience in the store. By having products and their intended uses clear and easy to find, customers come away feeling great about their experience. Zero frustration is exactly how we want to make people feel during holiday shopping.


For a display table, find some glass jars or empty plastic tubs and create a label for them. Address labels make for great stickers. Use these for serving utensils, cutlery, or other gadgets that are sold in bulk or minimal packaging.


We created these using a PNG graphic in Microsoft Word. Not all decorative things have to be complicated or require a designer! If you have an employee (or yourself) who has nice handwriting or is artistic, let them get creative with the labels. Just make sure they're clear and easy to read.


Add some seasonal decor to your THANKSGIVING display table

Flowers, pumpkins, leaves, foliage galore!


It's amazing how a few well-placed leaves, tiny colorful pumpkins, and a stretch of burlap with sparkles can make a table pop. We recommend adding holiday relevant decor to your display tables to make it more fun and attention grabbing.


Keep a color theme that makes sense for your table, your store, and your products.


Get Yourself a little signage board to add some fun to your display tables


The great part about these little letter boards: you can make them say WHATEVER you want. That means every holiday can have its own little display board, from Thanksgiving to Halloween to Easter. The letters are easy to change and the board itself is easy to keep clean. You can pick one up at any local craft store.

They're also incredibly popular with millennials at the moment, so you can stay Pinterest-relevant in today's demographic of shoppers.

Finally, choose the right products!

Display tables only work if you've cultivated the right products for the theme. Our Thanksgiving display features heavily on turkey-cooking products, as well as side gadgets for some great side dishes (like mashed potatoes, WHICH ARE THE BEST).


Here is our list of recommended products so you can create this Thanksgiving display in your store:

Hercules Roasting Pan (#RLP)
Measuring Bulb Baster (#BAST-G)
Endurance® Turkey Lifters (#LFT-2)
Vintage Roast Holder (#V-RST)
Roast Risers (#RR-6)
Butcher's String (#STRING)
Endurance® Kitchen Twine Dispenser (#TWINE)
Potato Ricer (#SPUD)
Endurance® Vegetable Peeler (#PLR-1)
Classic Z-Gadget Garlic Press (#Z-GAR)
Endurance® Mini-Pie Pan (#MPIE-6)
10-Foot Pie Chain (#CHAIN-10S)
Endurance® Blade Style Pastry Blender (#DOH-5)
Assortment of Ela Silicone Spoons and Spatulas
Assortment of Monty's Serving Spoons, Forks, and Ladles

And always make sure to smatter that display table with small prep bowls and other add-on items. We love our Italian olive wood salt bowls and dipping bowls to really round out that rustic feeling on our Thanksgiving display.